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Moh & Associates has 35 years of wide ranging experience in Western Canada. We have a diversity of service offerings, from vertical, directional and horizontal drilling, to petrographic analysis of rock cuttings, and supervision of coring of sandstone and carbonate reservoirs. Our consulting geologists are capable in supervision of mud logging, MWD, wire-line services, casing and coring operations. We prepare of quality strip logs using the wellsite system or power log and write well completion reports. We provide two geologists for supervision of lateral wells and one geologist for any vertical well of our clients.

Wellsite Geology Services In Calgary, AB

Well-site Geology

Our experienced wellsite geologists determine the strata being drilled, through an expert examination of drill cuttings, hydrocarbon readings and MWD/LWD data. Critical formations are determined by examination of rock-cuttings, core data and knowledge of the structure being drilled. Our geologists provide clear and prompt reports and logs of drilling activity to the client’s geologist, and offer relevant geological advising services.


We supervise wellsite coring operations, starting with picking of the optimal point for coring. We coordinate core cutting, measurement, reporting on core samples of various intervals and delivery of the cores to the client. Reporting includes percentage recovery and other relevant analysis of the cores properties.

Oilfield Consultants In Calgary, BC
Wellsite Geology Services In Calgary, BC

Geo Steering

Our extensive experience with directional drilling ensures ideal well path drilling and placement. Through diligent analysis and adjustment, we optimize the stratigraphic location and the well path angles for the best reservoir formation exploitation.

Petrographic Studies

Our geoscientists provide detailed analysis and reporting of wellsite rock cuttings and core sample petrography. We thoroughly evaluate petrographic features, including estimated pore size distribution in the reservoir, grain size, grain sorting, mineral contents in rock samples, and as a result, conclude on reservoir rock classification and its properties. We can also assist our clients in core and cuttings sample petrographic studies in their specific selection of data.

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Operations Geology

From the office into the field, we can provide project management expertise through our operational geologists. We work closely with your team of well-site geologists, geophysicists and petroleum engineers, to ensure the project goals are met efficiently and effectively. As every company is unique, our operations geologists can customize their skill set to best meet the needs of your project.