Our Leadership Team

l1Moh Sahota M. Sc.

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Moh is responsible for leading the development and execution of Moh & Associates’ strategic and operational performance.

Moh holds a B.Sc. in Geology, as well as an M.Sc. degree. He started his career as a consultant at a hydro-geology company, and later moved to a mining company in a geologist role. In 1978 and onwards, he worked as a Consultant Geologist, Wellsite Geologist and Drilling Supervisor. As a Field Geologist, he completed over 500 wells in the Western Canadian Basin. He formed Moh & Associates Oilfield Consultants Ltd. in August of 1980 to share his significant experience in wellsite geology services and supervision.

l3Aman M.B.A.
Business Development Manager

As Business Development and Public Relations Manager, Aman S. is responsible for business development planning and building strong relationships with clients, vendors, consultants and employees.

Aman holds a B.A., as well as an M.B.A. and has completed SAP mm Certification. She is currently obtaining a SCM Certification. She has expertise in marketing, accounting and change management. Her SAP mm and Supply Chain Management knowledge have made the service supply process more efficient for the Company.

l2Norm Raniseth B.sc, P. Geologist
Chief Geologist

As Chief Geologist, Norm Raniseth consults and supervises major projects where depth of expertise is required. He has been with Moh & Associates since 2005.

Norm holds a B. Sc. in Geology, as well as an APEGA Management Certificate. He is also a Professional Geologist in APEGA. Prior to joining Moh & Associates, Norm started his career as a Coal Geologist at Kaiser Resources, moving onto a Exploration Logging Geologist role at Baker Tool Company, and later moved to TransCanada Pipeline Ltd. as a Petroleum Reserves / Reservoir Geologist. He then went to Texaco Canada / Imperial Oil Resources in the role of Heavy Oil & Development Geologist. Norm also has experience in consulting for petroleum geology and as Accumap technical support.

Dr-BalocheDr. Sher Baloch Ph.D
Sequence Stratigraphy Specialist

Sher received his M.Sc. in Petroleum Geology and Ph.D. in Seismic Interpretation and Sequence Stratigraphy from Oxford Brooks University, England. Prior to working with Moh & Associates, Sher worked extensively on siliciclastic and carbonate wells, and seismic data integration for basin studies for various oil & gas companies.

As Sequence Stratigraphy Specialist, Dr. Sher Baloch brings tremendous technical expertise to Moh & Associates. The main skills based on his research and work experience includes; Seismic and Structural Interpretation, Seismic Stratigraphy, Sequence Stratigraphy, Reservoir Evaluation, Study of Depositional Environment, Core Porosity and Permeability laboratory analysis, Determination of Bitumen, Water & Solid (By Dean Stark Method) etc.

Our Wellsite Geologists

At Moh & Associates, our geologists bring skill, experience, energy and knowledge to our projects. Our wellsite geologists have expertise in sample examination, geo-steering and interpretation of stratigraphy while drilling. In addition, all of our consultants have completed courses in the CanStrat, wireline log analysis, and wireline log interpretation. With safety being one of our strongest priorities, all of our consultants have H2S Alive Certification and TDG, WHIMIS and First Aid training.

All combined, our Geologists have decades of experience in wellsite geological supervision in Canada and other parts of the world, including; Bangladesh, Burma, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Trinidad and Tobago, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Cameroon and Congo, Albania, Romania and Russia.

We take pride in getting the job done on time with best practices. We are committed to a flexible, customized client experience with effective communication and teamwork.